Joseph Priestley’s Material Voices

by Alice Rhodes, University of York In Spring 2022, thanks to the generous funding of the BECC and BSECS Early Career Fellowship, I spent a week in the Cadbury Research Library researching the Joseph Priestley Collection for my current project on bodies and voices in Romantic literature. The Cadbury library holds a number of manuscript … Continue reading “Joseph Priestley’s Material Voices”

Histories of Care in the Cadbury Library Special Collections

by Kate Gibson, University of Manchester Support from BECC and BSECS allowed me to visit the Cadbury Library to examine a small collection of 31 letters, written by gentry woman Ann Ambler. Revealing her care of siblings Isabella and Thomasin Ibbetson, the letters provide new insight into fostering in the eighteenth century. The girls were … Continue reading “Histories of Care in the Cadbury Library Special Collections”