Haunted Shores Network 2022 Conference

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The Haunted Shores network is running its 2nd Annual Conference on Friday 20th May, free and online!

The Haunted Shores network is running its second annual conference on Friday 20th May, free and online, on “En-tangled approaches to seaweed”. This is an interdisciplinary event on the cultural representation of the seaweed, coastal ecologies, and human/nonhuman (especially human/vegetal!) relations. Papers cover topics relating to the sixteenth through to the twenty-first centuries, gothic literature, crime fiction, Victorian seaweed albums, video games, visual artworks, and archival studies; the day ends with a creative panel and a screening. All are very welcome! Any queries, please drop Jimmy Packham an email: j.packham@bham.ac.uk 

The conference programme and registration details are available here: https://haunted-shores.com/haunted-shores-2022-seaweed/