HydroFLEX: decarbonisation and innovation

Alex Burrows, Director of BCRRE, comments on Hydrogen-based transport, the decarbonisation agenda and the value of collaboration to realise and prove innovation. Earlier this week we successfully took HydroFLEX, the UK’s first hydrogen train, onto the mainline railway – the first run by a hydrogen-powered train on Network Rail infrastructure.  The HydroFLEX project is a … Continue reading “HydroFLEX: decarbonisation and innovation”

Destination Decarbonisation Day 2: Research and Technology

Following yesterday’s first session of our 3-day Destination Decarbonisation event, which covered the big-picture of policy, funding, demand for decarbonisation technologies, today’s session was all about research and the BCRRE Centre of Excellence in Rail Decarbonisation. It was my pleasure to introduce this Centre of Excellence and its six themes encompassing energy, efficiency, infrastructure and … Continue reading “Destination Decarbonisation Day 2: Research and Technology”

Decarbonising the railway using sustainable infrastructure and asset management

Decarbonisation is not just about electrifying the network. The railway infrastructure is a significant proportion of rail’s carbon footprint and provides us with rich pickings for improvements including choice of: lower-Carbon materials and designs; managing assets more effectively; using AI and data science to underpin decision-making; applying whole-systems-thinking to the railway. Here are some of … Continue reading “Decarbonising the railway using sustainable infrastructure and asset management”

BCRRE Rail Decarbonisation Week

Alex Burrows, Director of BCRRE, introduces BCRRE’s Rail Decarbonisation week Last week, with all of the other news going on, many will have missed the UK Government’s policy paper, Decarbonising Transport: Setting the Challenge that sets out the Department for Transport’s strategy for developing their Transport Decarbonisation Plan which will be published later in 2020.  … Continue reading “BCRRE Rail Decarbonisation Week”