Destination Decarbonisation Day 2: Research and Technology

Following yesterday’s first session of our 3-day Destination Decarbonisation event, which covered the big-picture of policy, funding, demand for decarbonisation technologies, today’s session was all about research and the BCRRE Centre of Excellence in Rail Decarbonisation. It was my pleasure to introduce this Centre of Excellence and its six themes encompassing energy, efficiency, infrastructure and … Continue reading “Destination Decarbonisation Day 2: Research and Technology”

Destination Decarbonisation Day 1: Policy

Alex Burrows, Director of Rail Alliance BCRRE provides a quick snapshot of today’s Destination Decarbonisation: Policy Day and answers a few more questions asked by the audience. We have just delivered the first session of our second edition of the BCRRE Rail Alliance Destination Decarbonisation event that focused on policy.  This was a fascinating session … Continue reading “Destination Decarbonisation Day 1: Policy”