‘DriveSmart’: Humans, not machines, create meaning

  Dr Ning Zhao, Research Fellow with BCRRE and an expert in train control, explains about how to use DriveSmart to enhance train operation performance. Rail systems use a considerable amount of energy in day-to-day operations, with the whole-life cost of the energy used to operate a train potentially amounting to about as much as … Continue reading “‘DriveSmart’: Humans, not machines, create meaning”

Energy, Electricity and Fuel for decarbonised railways

  Dr Stuart Hillmansen explains about how much energy we really need for a train, and how we can decarbonise this energy. We have heard from our aerodynamic team about the importance of air resistance on train energy consumption, and in today’s blog we are going to get down to business to delve deeper into … Continue reading “Energy, Electricity and Fuel for decarbonised railways”