Energy, Electricity and Fuel for decarbonised railways

  Dr Stuart Hillmansen explains about how much energy we really need for a train, and how we can decarbonise this energy. We have heard from our aerodynamic team about the importance of air resistance on train energy consumption, and in today’s blog we are going to get down to business to delve deeper into … Continue reading “Energy, Electricity and Fuel for decarbonised railways”

BCRRE Rail Decarbonisation Week

Alex Burrows, Director of BCRRE, introduces BCRRE’s Rail Decarbonisation week Last week, with all of the other news going on, many will have missed the UK Government’s policy paper, Decarbonising Transport: Setting the Challenge that sets out the Department for Transport’s strategy for developing their Transport Decarbonisation Plan which will be published later in 2020.  … Continue reading “BCRRE Rail Decarbonisation Week”