Resilience is key for UK businesses post-Brexit

  By Rachel Eade MBE, FRSA, Supply Chain Lead at the Birmingham Centre of Rail Research and Education. Resilience has become a much used word in many contexts in the current pandemic be it, personal resilience, business resilience, NHS resilience or supply chain resilience. But what is a resilient business? “One that is able to … Continue reading “Resilience is key for UK businesses post-Brexit”

Adapting to climate change in Japan: a railway perspective

Sarah Greenham, PhD Student in Civil Engineering talks about what we can learn from other countries’ approach to resilience and adaptation. We can already see, as outlined in Rachel Fisher’s blog, some of the impact climate change has on railway networks: rail buckles, landslips and flood damage, to name a few. Facing future climate norms, … Continue reading “Adapting to climate change in Japan: a railway perspective”

Weathering climate change with resilient railways

Our fifth rail decarbonisation blog comes from Dr Andrew Quinn who explains where climate change and railway resilience fit into the decarbonising agenda. Thanks go to Rachel Fisher for her contributions. You may remember the dramatic image of suspended railway track after the supporting structure was washed away in February 2014 along the infamous Dawlish … Continue reading “Weathering climate change with resilient railways”