Destination Decarbonisation Day 3: Innovation

Alex Burrows Director of BCRRE Rail Alliance provides a quick overview on today’s Destination Decarbonisation: Innovation Day, what it involved and covers some of the questions that came in. Today was the third and final day of our Destination Decarbonisation ONference delivered by BCRRE and the Rail Alliance.  Today we were also joined by our … Continue reading “Destination Decarbonisation Day 3: Innovation”

Supply Chain purchasing in times of crisis

Rachel Eade MBE, FRSA, Supply Chain Lead for BCRRE and Senior Technical Officer with the Digi-Rail project, shares her thoughts on some of the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown on the SME community. All transport system purchasing managers know that dual sourcing of all commodities is key to a robust supply chain, but how many … Continue reading “Supply Chain purchasing in times of crisis”