The Success of the First ever Digital Innovation Boot Camp 2019

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The Digital Innovation Boot Camp took place during the week of 14th – 18th of June 2019. This was the first ever undergraduate education enhancement project for engineering students and gathered students, academics and industry partners together to discuss and explore the current technological advancements and practical applications in various fields.

We had sessions on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Blockchain and other currently exciting topics in industry and academia – UCL’s Institute of Making, University of Leeds’s Robotics at Leeds, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and L3 Technologies and our own University of Birmingham!

Our students had a chance to address two different global challenges focusing on sustainability and information from limited data. Groups from 2 to 4 students in each, came up with concepts, tried out coding and data analysis, blockchain applications and finally presented their work on the final day.

The Bootcamp was an enthralling experience for me as it gave me a taste of different technologies shape the rapidly developing world around us.- Amir Shah, BSc Computer Science student

This year, the Young Innovator prize for the 1st place together with 1000 £ was awarded to a team which proposed a solution for an agricultural challenge based on the current solar, digital and drone technologies.

The second place was awarded to a team who took up a [dstl] industrial challenge to gain meaningful information from limited data.

The team in the third place proposed a solution for the sustainability challenge utilising current advancements in drone technology.

We thank HEFi for the funding, all our partners at Careers Network, School of Engineering and Business School at the University of Birmingham, University of Leeds and UCL, DSTL, L3 T Technologies, Institute of Making, UoB IT Services, and all the students and staff that put in the work to make this experience unforgettable!

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