The Success of the First ever Digital Innovation Boot Camp 2019

The Digital Innovation Boot Camp took place during the week of 14th – 18th of June 2019. This was the first ever undergraduate education enhancement project for engineering students and gathered students, academics and industry partners together to discuss and explore the current technological advancements and practical applications in various fields. We had sessions on … Continue reading “The Success of the First ever Digital Innovation Boot Camp 2019”

Digital Twins and Asset Management: How do they go hand-in-hand?

By Nour Aljafari, University of Birmingham Doctoral Researcher Digital twins are reshaping many industries namely asset management and manufacturing. It offers new ways to monitor assets, reduce costs and carry out maintenance. To this end, the ongoing rise of Internet of Things (IOT) allows us to leverage the benefits of many digital technologies including; big … Continue reading “Digital Twins and Asset Management: How do they go hand-in-hand?”

Can robots help us to manage our cities?

By Dr Mehran Eskandari Torbaghan (School of Engineering) Urban population is growing at a record-breaking rate, and regardless of its various negative impacts, it puts huge pressure on the already over-aged, sometimes not fully functional, urban infrastructure. This urban infrastructure includes roads, utilities (most of them buried under the ground) and the ground itself. Which … Continue reading “Can robots help us to manage our cities?”

Team behind the Digital Innovation Boot Camp

Meet the team that work on the Digital Innovation Boot Camp project: Professor Ian Jefferson School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering Project co-lead – Engineering Liaison and project contact Professor Lisa De Propris Business School, Department of Management Project co-lead –Management Liaison Dr Jonathan Watkins College Educational Technology lead Project co-lead – College Liaison … Continue reading “Team behind the Digital Innovation Boot Camp”

What is the boot camp about?

The Digital Innovation Boot-Camp, run in collaboration between academia and industry will professionally train students with key skills associated with digital innovation and through this be introduced to applications of such innovative technologies within current research and industrial practices, e.g. Virtual Reality (VR), Automation and Robotics (AR). Why are we interested? HM Government Industrial Strategy … Continue reading “What is the boot camp about?”