Maple TA Interns

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The EPS EdTech group supports multiple lecturers with formative and summative assessment material. This material has been created over multiple years, and has involved a surprisingly large number of people.

The majority of Mobius based work is created by undergraduate students from the College of EPS. Each year, the group hires around 12 interns over the summer to create material. The interns work with lecturers to turn traditional content into digital content in the Mobius system, which is then used year on year. This model allows content creation to be carried out in an intensive way, focusing on creating quality content which can be used quickly.

On top of the Mobius work, the students get an experience of working in a research group as they sit up with Theoretical Physicists over the summer. They work with lecturers from schools they would not necessarily interact with, and get to see how assessment is built from “behind the scenes”. The quantity and quality of the material created from this process really speaks for itself.







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