BAME Gap Analysis

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The gap between BAME students and non-BAME students is currently a big challenge in higher education. It exists at a national and institutional level, stemming from a myriad of causes. The gap is known as the “BAME gap”. In the current climate, the BAME gap is particularly important, as it was found that there was a strong relationship between attendance and the gap.

The EPS EdTech and Analytics Group investigated the gap within the university, looking for specific courses or areas that could be further investigated. Working with “Generating Genius”, an external charity that provides solutions for reducing the BAME gap, certain programmes were highlighted. These were investigated further through student focus groups and discussions.

The group used novel statistical techniques to establish the veracity of the gap in different courses and even single exams. The group also investigated whether particular types of questions affected the gap. Using data science techniques, multiple variables were also investigated (such as POLAR background, gender, and previous education), which provided insight into the intersectionality that affects particular students.


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