Extra Curricular Activities in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

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By Varan, Computer Science
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham

I feel making time for extra curricular activities is very important for your mental and physical health and, lucky for us, the University of Birmingham offers a range of them. We have so many clubs and societies that you will definitely find one that interests you.

In the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, we have societies like CSS (Computer Science Society) and WiT (Women in Tech) that most of the students in the Computer Science course join. I myself have joined the CSS society so I can connect with my fellow Computer Science students. We have fun trips and social events every now and then to relax us between our studies. The CSS visited Bletchley park this year and also had the Computer Science Ball and both of them turned out to be successful events. We also have socials and quizzes every now and then that are very fun .

The University of Birmingham also offers a range of sports, theatre and dance clubs, many of them I didn’t know even existed before coming here. A range of sports teams have their own clubs and they hold socials too.

I feel as a Computer Science student, many people don’t make enough time for their extra curricular activities and that affects their mental health a lot. A course like Computer Science can sometimes be challenging and frustrating, so adding these activities is essential to say the least.

Being an international student myself, I have seen some of the other international students being afraid of joining clubs and societies, but I strongly recommend joining them because you meet so many new people and it improves your university experience a lot.

To conclude, I would say that doing extra curricular activities make your university life a whole lot better and more fun, it also helps your mental health and overall academic experience.