May’s quality feedback for IT Services staff

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Every month we share a snapshot of some of the great feedback we receive from customers across the University about the fantastic customer service and support they receive from IT Services staff. Below are some of the comments provided by our customers in May and the team or individual who resolved the incident.


“Responses to my queries were informative, useful and timely. Very satisfied with how this query was resolved.”
Simon Hartley

“I am very happy with the assistance provided by the IT team! Thank you very much!”
James Carpenter

“Got more than I asked for!”
Colleen Romero

“Sailesh is great, thank you for all your assistance.”
Sailesh Pattni

“Mr Fogg’s commitment to the duty is exceptional! Thank you, Paul!”
Paul Fogg

“Why can’t all IT Services calls be like this!”
Keith Marlow

“Craig was able to solve my issues and gave clear instructions on how to proceed. I am very pleased with his services.”
Craig Crowe

“Paddy Walsh was extremely helpful and dealt with the problem straight away when I took the laptop over, despite being on his own in the office and trying to deal with another person at the same time.  Thank you very much Paddy!”
Patrick Walsh

“Peter Stone is excellent in his responsiveness and knowledge, in particular the Apple Mac system and my specific vision access needs.  I am extremely appreciative of the input and professionalism.  Thank you.”
Peter Stone

“The staff member was excellent, and arranged a time to suit my diary – they also came back to check something for me the next day, my new laptop is great so I’m v pleased all round :)”
David Prentice

“Jacob was great! My outlook has been much better since.”
Jacob Ellison

“Excellent. I have not had to contact the service desk too often in the past, but my impression on the basis of my experiences with you is that you have made it rather more attuned to the needs and requirements of people such as me who have little knowledge of the technicalities of the problems we contact you about. Thank you very much for a reassuring experience.”
IT Service Desk

“Faye was really helpful – thank you!”
Faye Taylor

“Reece immediately recognised and gave a successful solution to the problem.”
Reece Langham

“I just wanted to mention how helpful and pleasant Steve was.  He contacted me within an hour of my call being logged, I had gone home by then as I had to leave early, however he then called me back in the morning, came to my desk within 20 minutes and fixed the problem.  He then followed up with a call to check things were ok.  Excellent service!”
Steve Hesson

“Fast and efficient beyond my most optimistic expectations!”
Jenna Dedicoat

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