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(from left to right) Laurence Williams and Adrian Hassell

In the last edition of IT Services News, we told you about changes in the Core Infrastructure team which see Spencer Webb working on initial service design and supplier liaison for incoming projects.

Ensuring that new products and services meet specific technical design standards helps us to deliver them successfully. However, our understanding of the University’s business needs and processes is equally as important as the technical design, to ensure that our IT solutions align with business requirements

Upon his return from a four year secondment as IT Lead for the New Core programme, Adrian Hassell now brings his broad overview of the University and its processes back to IT Services as Business Architect.

Reporting directly to Dan Lawrence and working collaboratively with Infrastructure Services and the Business Partnering team as well as our Enterprise Architect, Laurence Williams and the architecture team. Adrian’s first tasks are to provide review support and advice for the StARS program and the impending implementation of Office 365.

As well as StARS and O365, Intelligent Campus, which is highlighted as an important focus area within our draft Digital Strategy, is also on Adrian’s ‘to do’ list. Adrian will, essentially, provide a clear bridge between Business Partnering, technical and enterprise architecture, helping us deliver better results for our customers by considering the full end to end processes involved for any product or service.

That way we’re making IT happen by helping deliver and embed services which support the University through the Birmingham Professional principles of collaboration, simplification and innovation

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