Cluster Leads

Karen Yeung

Algorithmic accountability; algorithmic regulation; governance; legal, ethical, social and democratic implications of emerging technologies.

Emma Ahmed-Rengers

Ethical and legal implications of computer vision technologies; science and technology studies; critical legal studies; international law; jurisprudence.


Scott McLachlan

Privacy and security of personally identifiable information; legal and ethical implications for secondary use of personally identifiable data; regulation and policy for data anonymisation and re-identification; AI in health and law; issues beyond basic negligence and assigning blame in the use of autonomous technologies; probability, risk and information management.

Jesse Spielman

Machine learning; cybersecurity; side channel attacks; model stealing.

Wenlong Li

AI ethics & governance; digital experimentation; privacy & data protection; data portability & interoperability; advertising & the law; freedom of expression; digital labour.

Adam Harkens

Legal, ethical and social implications of algorithmic decision-making; criminal law and criminal justice; governmentality; surveillance; data protection.

Muireann Quigley

Health law; (bio)technology; bodies; medical devices.

Maureen Mapp

The socio-legal and ethical issues raised at the intersection of distributed ledger technologies, regulation and relational justice.

Mohan Sridharan

Knowledge representation; cognitive robot systems; machine learning; human-robot collaboration.

Kate Bedford

Gambling; user adaptation; play technologies; and law and political economy.

Mark Ryan

Online privacy; balancing privacy and security; end-to-end encryption; accountable interception; transparent decryption; identity management; machine learning; privacy-friendly machine learning.

Masoumeh (Iran) Mansouri

Robotics and culture; robotics and feminism; AI and discrimination; knowledge representation and reasoning.

Joseph T F Roberts

Political philosophy and bioethics; the ethical, social and political implications of new technologies, especially attached and implanted medical devices.

Chen Zhu

Intellectual property; software licensing; informational jurisprudence.

Associate Members

Sandy Gould (Cardiff University)

Human-centred computing; work; crowdsourcing; telemetry.

Nathalie Smuha (KU Leuven)

Ethical and legal implications of emerging technologies; the impact of AI on human rights, democracy and the rule of law; algorithmic regulation; EU law.

Loup Cellard (University of Melbourne)

Algorithms; ecology; data visualisation; digital transformation; inventive methods.

Ashita Jain

Data protection and privacy; international trade and investment law; digital trade regulation.

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