Women in Brazil – where to start?

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This project began back in June, when, at the end of the summer term, I began working with Dr. Campbell on her research project. From what I could remember about it having applied in February, I was excited to do some research into the iconic women of Brazil. But where to start?

We met in Courtney’s office to discuss the project, and where to begin. We decided that first we needed a historiography of writings about women in Brazil – this covered many topics, including history, sociology, politics, and more. Overall, we could see that not much had been written about multiple Brazilian women in one succinct piece, nor had these existing sources explicitly discussed Courtney’s main idea about the link between these iconic women – that they are all rebels in their own way. First, I set out to find as many sources on women in Latin America and specifically Brazil. Using the library service findit@bham, I was able to find some extremely interesting sources, including the Brazilian journal ‘Revista GĂȘnero’ focussing on feminist and gender topics that has been released twice every year since 2000. This basic ground research left us in a great place to pick up on the more individual-specific research in August when I would return to Birmingham after spending the rest of the holidays working and travelling.


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