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This is your big opportunity to tell your funders about the activities, impact and publications that have come from your own research!

Researchfish is the system used to by many funders to collect and evaluate the outputs and outcomes of your research projects. If you’re the Principal Investigator (PI) on an active Research Council (RCUK), Cancer Research UK (CRUK) or National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) grant, you’ll be expected to complete Researchfish on a yearly basis. Even if you’re not funded by any of these, you may still need to complete a submission so it’s good to be aware of your funder’s requirements.

Why should I complete a Researchfish submission? Let’s begin with the thing that makes the world go round, Money! If you don’t complete your submission in time, RCUK may freeze your funding. If you’re funded by CRUK, they’ll sanction the university as a whole if a minimum rate of submission is not achieved. Whilst this may not sound so bad, it only takes 6 or 7 PIs to not to submit and it could be close!

This can also have a long term effect as submission rates may be considered when awarding further funding. So a low rate of submission could mean less funding in the future.

What are the benefits to me? Any information you put in to your Researchfish submission will be used by your funder, informing stakeholders of your great research. You’ll also feed in to reports generated by your funder, using Researchfish case studies as examples of excellence. Information from your submission may also be exposed through the Gateway to Research website (

All of these things potentially raising your Research profile!

The University also gets to see what you submit. This is really useful when looking at research and development, helping us to identify areas of good practice and offer extra support for further funding.

It seems like a lot of work…Completing your submission may seem like a lot of work at first but it’s actually really easy to enter your outcomes and complete your submission. We have loads of resources on our Intranet site, including simple user guides and FAQs. These are available at  and I would recommend taking a look at our Quick guide to Outcomes.

We also offer weekly drop in sessions and questions can be sent to

Even better, if you’d like some help adding outcomes you can add team members and delegates to your awards. It’s only the PI who can press submit though.

I’ll now leave you to begin writing your submission but to summarise, your submission is not just important to the University but to you. It’s your funding, your Research, your Research profile and your submission. We’re here to help you along the way though!

This year’s submission period for RCUK, CRUK and NIHR runs from 6th February to 16 March 2017. Other funders’ submission periods can be found on our intranet site ( along with any other information quoted. Alternatively, please see (login required).

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