Researchfish: What’s happened to your information…

Now that the main Researchfish submission period is finished and your submissions are complete, a common question is ‘what happens next?’ First of all, your information will go to the respective Research Council or funder where the outcomes you submitted will be reviewed and used to report on the impact of public investment in Research. … Continue reading “Researchfish: What’s happened to your information…”

Can we ignore the journal impact factor?

Journal metrics have been in the news again recently with the Nobel Prize Facebook and Twitter accounts sharing a video of 4 Nobel Laurites speaking out against the use of journal impact factors to judge research quality. Do you know what the issues are and how they can be used. Karen Clews and guest blogger Vicky Wallace look at … Continue reading “Can we ignore the journal impact factor?”

Is the H-index the right tool for the job?

Have you been asked for your H-index recently? Are you clear on what the metric says about you? Karen Clews and guest blogger Vicky Wallace look at how the metric has developed and how you can use it responsibly Developed by Hirsch in 2005 to help evaluate researchers in theoretical physics, the H-index gives a researcher a … Continue reading “Is the H-index the right tool for the job?”

Researchfish: Why your submission is important…

This is your big opportunity to tell your funders about the activities, impact and publications that have come from your own research! Researchfish is the system used to by many funders to collect and evaluate the outputs and outcomes of your research projects. If you’re the Principal Investigator (PI) on an active Research Council (RCUK), … Continue reading “Researchfish: Why your submission is important…”

Data Quality in Current Research Information systems

November saw the first Pure User Community event at the University of Birmingham. As the Research Information Manager I am really lucky to have a great community of institutions using Pure through the UK and international user groups. However, I was very aware that we have a growing group of staff supporting Pure internally who … Continue reading “Data Quality in Current Research Information systems”