The importance of building bridges when it comes to research on democracy

Guest blog written by Professor Nic Cheeseman and Dr Susan Dodsworth International donors – including the UK – spend more than US$10 billion on democracy support each year. This money is spent on programmes designed to strengthen parliaments, assist political parties, support civil society, and facilitate free and fair elections in countries around the world. … Continue reading “The importance of building bridges when it comes to research on democracy”

Studying the London Metropolitan Police Public Order Cadre

Written by Dr Amy Fraher I recently received funding support from both the Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Grant at the University of Birmingham with the aim to study the London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Public Order ‘Cadre’. Cadre is a word used to describe … Continue reading “Studying the London Metropolitan Police Public Order Cadre”

Leading to Impact’: Q+A Lee Chapman

Professor Lee Chapman, based in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, has been at the University since 1998. Demonstrating a keen interest in potential business applications of research since his PhD, Lee could be considered a serial entrepreneur having already run and sold on a successful University of Birmingham spin-out company and is now … Continue reading “Leading to Impact’: Q+A Lee Chapman”

Perspectives on Impact – Professor Bob Stone

With the recent high profile media launch of several virtual reality devices by some of the world’s leading technology giants, including Samsung, Facebook and Sony, 2016 has already been branded the ‘year of virtual reality’. For many of these companies the clear target market is gaming and entertainment but the transformative nature of this technology … Continue reading “Perspectives on Impact – Professor Bob Stone”

Open Forum Event: Research Impact – Delivering Excellence

A delegation from the Research Planning Team (Gavin, Katharina and Ronni) attended an Open Forums event earlier this year Research Impact: Delivering Excellence. It was billed as an opportunity ‘to explore REF case studies and testimonials to help universities effectively measure and evidence impact, offering practical guidance on delivering high quality submissions across disciplines, institutions and … Continue reading “Open Forum Event: Research Impact – Delivering Excellence”