Launching the Rail Research Café

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To mark an end to the week, be it busy, hectic, fun, quick or unusual, BCRRE brings you the Rail Research Café.

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Rail research cafe

The Rail Research Café will take place online every Friday morning between 1000 and 1200 on twitter using #BCRRERailReseachCafe.

Members of the BCRRE team will post a blog on a specific theme, topic or subject area relevant to the railway industry, including past, present and future work to kick off questions and discussion.

The Rail Research Café is an opportunity for our railway experts, academics, industry engagement staff, researchers, technical officers, lab experts and industry partners to share their experiences and involvement in a variety of research areas and innovative discoveries with the wider world.

We encourage your questions, thoughts and opinions either via the form below or on twitter using #BCRRERailResearchCafe and our experts will be online to respond and discuss.

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