BCRRE and Rail Alliance promote RSG Coronavirus Taskforce Industry Survey

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Alex Burrows Director of BCRRE, the Rail Alliance and representative of the RSG and UKKRIN talks about the importance of the recently launched survey and how your input is most vaulable.

The Rail Supply Group (RSG) has launched a survey  seeking the views of businesses across the rail supply industry on the impact of COVID-19 on their organisations.

The UK Government has asked the RSG to form a Coronavirus Taskforce to develop a strategy that will deliver the fullest, fastest and best recovery for the rail supply chain.  The starting point is a survey to collect the views of relevant businesses in order to build a clear picture of the current situation and the areas of activity needed to support an effective recovery.

I sit on the RSG Council as the representative of the UK Rail Research and Innovation Network as well as promoting the views of SMEs from the Rail Alliance community.  This survey is an important piece of work in establishing how we can ensure the industry is able to bounce back from the shock created by COVID-19 which has affected all of us.

The survey will improve understanding about how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting on the rail supply industry:

  • determining the outlook and how business certainty, sustainability and survivability is being impacted;
  • providing tangible and specific evidence, actions and steps needed to aid and speed the best possible recovery;
  • suggesting potential barriers that might risk recovery or hinder progress.

The survey is being sent to businesses across the UK rail supply industry and being promoted via social media to encourage as wide a range of supply chain businesses to take part as possible.  The results of the survey will inform RSG’s future plans and actions – specifically, in charting a clear way forward for the rail supply chain, including adapting the Rail Sector Deal to the impact of COVID-19.

Your views matter and will help us to develop an effective strategy to help the rail supply industry come through this crisis – I urge you to give us your views to support this initiative.

You can find the survey and accompanying information here: www.rsgtaskforce.org


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