Net Zero Together Bootcamp – what is it?

Dr Rebeckah Trinder talks about the Net Zero Together Bootcamp, what its about, who its for and what it does. The author of this blog is Rebeckah Trinder, edited by Lydia Pickering. I’m Dr Rebeckah Trinder, I have a background in physics and a PhD in nuclear physics mainly specialising in the area of nuclear … Continue reading “Net Zero Together Bootcamp – what is it?”

Connecting with the Connected Leaders

Dr Jenny Illingsworth, Centre Manager of BCRRE provides a summary of the connected leaders programme delivered on Thursday 9th February 2023 and information on how your business could benefit from this very programme or something tailored speacifically for your needs. The Connected Leaders programme is all about the network crucial to a forward-looking, collaborative rail … Continue reading “Connecting with the Connected Leaders”

Good news and exciting times at BCRRE

Alex Burrows Director of BCRRE provides us with a piece on some good news. 2020 has provided some cheer for us all at BCRRE.  We found out two days ago (Wednesday 25 November) that we had won the Guardian University Award 2020 for Business Collaboration for our work with Porterbrook on the HydroFLEX project, the … Continue reading “Good news and exciting times at BCRRE”

What did it take to get HydroFLEX onto the mainline?

Charles Calvert, PhD student in the BCRRE Power and Traction research group and Lead Systems Engineer for HydroFLEX takes us through the history of HydroFLEX and some of the key technical challenges the team resolved in order to take the train successfully onto the UK mainline – the first Hydrogen train ever to run on … Continue reading “What did it take to get HydroFLEX onto the mainline?”

Distance Learning at BCRRE: The Digital Platform

Zena Green,  a Teaching Fellow (International Programmes) talks about the shift to the digital platform when it comes to teaching and what this entails. When I raised the possibility of creating a digital version of BCRRE’s MSc courses in the autumn of 2019, nobody could have guessed that six months later we would be discussing … Continue reading “Distance Learning at BCRRE: The Digital Platform”

Birmingham Centre for Railway Research & Education recognised in The Parliamentary Review

Alex Burrows writes about BCRRE’s contribution to the Parliamentary Review in its Best Practice Representative section. We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised with an invitation to publish an article in the Parliamentary Review, authored by Professor Clive Roberts and with contributions from Alex Burrows and Rachel Eade. BCRRE is a global … Continue reading “Birmingham Centre for Railway Research & Education recognised in The Parliamentary Review”

Reflections on delivering our Brexit-preparation workshops

Rachel Eade MBE, Business Development Manager, reflects on her experiences to date, delivering Brexit-preparation workshops. Week two of the Rail Alliance rail & transport sector Brexit Preparation workshops is underway. We will have travelled the country from London to Cardiff and many stations on route to York. So what have we learnt? I can summarise … Continue reading “Reflections on delivering our Brexit-preparation workshops”