Reflections on delivering our Brexit-preparation workshops

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Rachel Eade MBE, Business Development Manager, reflects on her experiences to date, delivering Brexit-preparation workshops.

Week two of the Rail Alliance rail & transport sector Brexit Preparation workshops is underway. We will have travelled the country from London to Cardiff and many stations on route to York. So what have we learnt? I can summarise in four key areas:

  1. The power of team work, preparation listening and support. We are a small team, brought together quickly with real focus, lots of listening, allowing each team member to do their thing using their expertise. We have developed a work book, a series of webinars and a workshop session that all seem to be resonating with our audiences.
  2. Through the sessions so far, it appears that few companies have undertaken any serious or in-depth preparation for Brexit. A lack of clarity has discouraged many. So there are many questions to answer and thinking to do about the known unknowns. We don’t claim to have the answers but some knowledge of the things and systems that will change, the time it takes to apply for and register for these systems, some of the implications along with the financial considerations.
  3. Key risk areas are people, movement of goods implementation of new/ revised systems and, the inevitable costs incurred, the possible delays in payments and the impact to cash flow.

There are still opportunities to attend sessions and learn – from us or other partners. Our workbook and webinars are available and we are happy to talk at any time going forward. Do contact us at or and mention Brexit Preparation.

The Brexit-preparation workshops and workbook have been developed in collaboration with Crowe and are delivered by the team comprising members of BCRRE, Crowe and the Rail Alliance.

Details of the seminars and how to register are all available by following the link below:

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