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We aim to make our websites accessible to all visitors, regardless of ability or disability. This means your blog needs to be presented in a way that doesn’t create barriers to your visitors. This article talks about things to consider when you’re writing your posts.

We aim to make our websites accessible to all visitors, regardless of device, technology or ability.

There are a number of ways to think about how we can make our content more accessible, but firstly it’s important to understand that accessibility does not just mean making sure that there is alternative text on images.

Accessibility issues to consider

People who can’t see very well

Try to avoid changing fonts and colours in the UoB Blogs Theme. We will try to make sure the theme template is accessible, that the contrast between colours is high and the font size is not too small.

For people who are blind

Make sure that all elements that need extra information to be presented by a screenreader are included.

This includes

  • title tags on links
  • Descriptive alt tags on images
  • audio descriptions for video content

For people who can’t hear very well

Subtitles, sign language or full transcripts must be available if you’ve chosen to use audio or video.

For people with mobility issues

Try to avoid embedding elements like flash videos etc that require a mouse. We have tried to ensure that the theme for Birmingham Blogs is easy to navigate using a keyboard.

For people who find words difficult

Complex vocabulary, long sentences and paragraphs should be avoided. Technical words and acronyms should be explained.

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