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Suggested featured image sizes and advice for sharing on social media.

Use the featured image option in your post to upload an image you’d like to represent your post when shared.  Remember to complete the “Excerpt” as this is used as the description for your post.

Each platform suggests a slightly different size image, so you should expect some cropping to occur.

Suggested size: 1600px wide by 900px wide.

Minimum size: 1200px by 628px

recommended featured image size - 1600px wide by 900px high.
Recommended featured image size for social media sharing.


Try to use images that have a central focus, as the left and right portions of the picture may be cropped out.

For some platforms, only an 800px by 800px central square will be used (marked green in the image).

The central area is also cropped and used as the theme thumbnail.


  • use images that focus the eye to the extreme left or right cropping area
  • use poor quality images
  • use images that are smaller than 1200px wide.


  • use new images for each post
  • use relevant and interesting images




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