Images – where to find them

Images of the University If you require images of the University campus please contact us and we’ll do our best to find an image that’s suitable for you. Free stock photography It is really easy to fall foul of copyright laws on the internet, especially when using images that you’ve found online.  We’ve put together … Continue reading “Images – where to find them”

Formatting / styling your posts

We’ve tried to make sure you’ve got all of the formatting you’ll need to write your blog – below are a the formatting options to style your text. Some options are available directly from the editor toolbar, others are available by adding basic HTML Markup to your posts in the text editor (choose Text from … Continue reading “Formatting / styling your posts”

Post titles

Titles are important – sometimes they’re the only information a reader has on what to expect from your post so try to make them enticing or informative.  Remember, your title will be used on social media sites, search engines and RSS feed as well as Birmingham Blogs so try to treat your it as a … Continue reading “Post titles”