First PPIE event in 2022 and our new website

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Our first PPIE Group meeting in 2022 was held via Zoom on Friday 4th March. We had three speakers, the first of which was Michael Mansfield who made a request for PPIE input for the MSc Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy degree. This is an excellent example of how PPIE is important to shape the training of healthcare providers, not just the research they read.

The next speaker was Dr Bernard Liew (previously at CPR Spine and now at the University of Essex), who presented details of a novel study proposal, looking at optimising clinical prediction of low back pain recovery using ‘transfer learning,’ for which he requested a PPIE partner to help shape the study if the forthcoming grant application is successful.

The final presentation was by Dr Ali Khatibi, who gave details of a study proposal of how pain impacts the relationship between patients and their caregivers. This study is aimed to investigate cognitive bias among family caregivers of patients with chronic pain and examine its impact on emotion regulation and the relationship between the patients and their family caregivers.

The next CPR Spine PPIE Group meeting is due to take place in June 2022. We hope that this meeting will utilise a ‘hybrid’ format, where members will be given the option to attend in-person or remotely via Zoom. We have yet to confirm the exact time for the meeting, but it will take place in the afternoon.

If you are interested in taking part in one or more of our PPIE Group meetings, please follow this link to our new website ( dedicated to PPIE events or email for more information.


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