Digital Methods Workshops for Music Researchers

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We are delighted to announce the dates for a series of interactive workshops taking place in May 2022. The workshops introduce web-based digital methods to music researchers interested in studying music’s circulation and reception online.

Monday 9th May 2022: Introduction to Mozdeh and SentiStrength with Mike Thelwall

This workshop introduces Mozdeh and SentiStrength for analysing opinion data on YouTube and Twitter. The workshop may include such themes as: gathering data, exploring and describing topic content, analysing sentiment, identifying gender differences, analysing time series, association mining, and analysing networks. This workshop requires a Windows OS. 

Monday 16th May 2022: Web scraping for musicologists with Eamonn Bell

This workshop will quickly introduce the basics of interacting with text-mode applications on the command line and demonstrate a variety of tools that are useful for the collection and preliminary analysis of large amounts of data about music online. The workshop will be accessible at multiple levels of experience (beginner through intermediate), though no prior experience of the command line is assumed.

Monday 23rd May 2022: Introduction to 4CAT with Sal Hagan

This workshop will teach participants to use 4CAT, a tool that gathers and analyses data from a variety of Web sources. We will specifically focus on how to map music subcultures on e.g. Reddit, Tumblr, 4chan, and other spaces.

Monday 30th May 2022: Corpus linguistics for electronic music discourse analysis with Maria Perevedentseva

This workshop will address musical discourse analysis through a corpus-based linguistics approach. It will address such themes as: organising data, factor analysis, working with language models, problems of un-natural language processing, static corpora versus tracking language use over time, linking linguistic data with music and sound.

Further details including workshop times and registration links will be published here in due course.

These workshops are supported by the UKRI-funded project Music and the Internet: Towards a digital sociology of music (AH/S00744X/1).

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