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GLARE Story Writing Competition: The Devil’s Daughter (Category 6 to 8 years)

And the winners are… We are pleased to share with you the winning story in the youngest category of writers of our GLARE Story Writing Competition. The winner is Isabella Gabriel with her story ‘The Devil’s Daughter’. And what did our judge – Robin Stevens – say? “I loved the energy of this story, and I liked the narrative arc of Holly’s turn to evil and then ultimate delivery from it by brave Angella at the end!”


On Christmas Eve, the world’s worst child was being as bad as can be. Her name was Holly Cinders. Holly’s parents had no choice but to GROUND her!

She was being a spoilt brat because she was demanding more and more presents, 100!

Holly got so fed up and bored in her room so that night she ran away into the woods. The woods were dark and snow whipped around her. She took shelter under a tree and she started to feel a bit lonely. She wondered on while the owls were hooting madly.

Early next morning, Holly found a cave. Then she felt a gust of wind. It was the devil!!!  The devil used his magic and changed her. Now her lips were as purple as plums and she had a sinister grin. Her hair was hot pink with a streak of black and her eyes were glowing in the dark.

Soon she was the DEVIL’S DAUGHTER!!!

For the next two years she kidnapped children to help her Rob banks, steal sweets and pick pockets. All the kidnapped children have now turned evil as well.

One night, Holly stole a little girl, who was only five. The little girl was called Angella. Holly told her to do some of the mean stuff but she refused, so she took her anyway.

Since Holly and the evil gang only come out at night she had forgotten how nice the world is in the daylight.  One morning Angella tip toed quietly up to Holly and dragged her by the leg until they were outside the cave. The sound of a Cuckoo bird woke her up quickly.

She looked around and saw butterflies, bunnies, beautiful flowers and lambs. Holly soon realized the world was a magnificent place. Everything she saw changed her heart.

After that she returned the money and the sweets that hadn’t been eaten. Since her name was Holly Cinders she changed it to Holly Sparkle because she didn’t want people to remember her bad name. She went back to apologies to her parents.

Her parents felt overjoyed to see their daughter come back and they lived happily ever after.



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