Multiple Worlds Blending  

By Caroline White I am just about to celebrate my two-year anniversary this month of leaving full-time sport and entering the world of academia. A lot has happened over this two-year period as I began almost a new career and not knowing, especially in the early days, if I had made the right decision.   When … Continue reading “Multiple Worlds Blending  “

A case for the language of person-centredness  

By Dr Paul Garner As suggested by Dr Tom Brownlee in his October post, much of our work in the GSSPP looks to develop and enhance what it takes for practitioners/students to thrive in applied settings, looking beyond their discipline specific knowledge to the skills required to navigate new environments and build effective relationships with … Continue reading “A case for the language of person-centredness  “

Performance Enhancement SIG – External Speaker Visit 

By Dr Tom Brownlee A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Dr Chris Shaw (Institute of Physical Activity & Nutrition, muscle metabolism expert) and Dr Amelia Carr (Deakin Centre for Sports Performance, sports nutrition expert) along with around 20 undergraduate students from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. The visit was facilitated by Prof Gareth Wallis who saw staff and students … Continue reading “Performance Enhancement SIG – External Speaker Visit “

A Professional Doctorate Student’s Journey at the University of Birmingham

By Nick Gearing I started my Professional Doctorate (Prof Doc) journey in 2020, at the time I had dropped out of working in football and was looking to get back into the industry and felt that exploring a research question that was often debated on social media would be an interesting way of linking in … Continue reading “A Professional Doctorate Student’s Journey at the University of Birmingham”

Got a problem? Focus on the problem or the solution?

By Professor Barry Drust Completing any research project is not a smooth predictable process. An unexpected turn of events will often pose challenges that were never considered. How these events are perceived, thought about and ultimately acted upon are obviously key to the project outcome. These are also key to the learning opportunities that such … Continue reading “Got a problem? Focus on the problem or the solution?”

Fostering Global Connections – The Importance of International Relationships in Graduate Education

By Katie Cronin As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the benefits of forging global connections extend beyond cultural enrichment to directly impact the professional development of students. Following my recent visit to Stellenbosch University, in this blog post, we will explore the importance of international relationships in these fields, shedding light on the myriad of … Continue reading “Fostering Global Connections – The Importance of International Relationships in Graduate Education”

Collaborative coach development at British Rowing

By Dr Paul Garner What a privilege it was to spend the day at the Redgrave and Pinsent Lakes in Caversham with British Rowing earlier in January. Having been invited by Head of Education and Training, Sarah Harris to attend the launch day of their brave new coach development initiative, as a critical friend, it was … Continue reading “Collaborative coach development at British Rowing”