Join us for the GAPS campaign 2024 to work with para-athletes of the Commonwealth nations

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Who is involved in GAPS? 

The project draws over 100 para-athletes, coaches, and experts from across the Commonwealth nations, along with our volunteers from diverse disciplines, including yourself! 

What is GAPS?  

GAPS is a sports initiative developed by the Commonwealth Games Federation and Griffith University which works to develop inclusive sports pathways in partnership with universities across the Commonwealth. GAPS aims to remove barriers to participation in developing Commonwealth nations for athletes with disabilities and encourage women & girls to get more involved in sports. 

The main goal of the GAPS camp is to give para-athletes and coaches the facilities, medical treatment, and world-class expertise they would not be able to receive in their home countries; giving them the tools to thrive in their sport and therefore grow sport back in their home nation.  

Alongside this, the GAPS camp will also host an official UKSport Para Powerlifting and Para Table Tennis competition, helping to prepare these athletes for their season and upcoming competitions.  

In tandem with the training and competition, the plan is also to host a variety of social and cultural events for the participants, clinicians, volunteers, and students involved. This will highlight the diverse nature of the camp as athletes and coaches will be coming from countries all over the commonwealth, with African nations being the most represented. Our camp offers a unique opportunity for all involved to embrace their unique heritage but also to share and learn with others. Using the camp as our catalyst, we can unify to create a more inclusive sporting community. 

Together the GAPS camp aims to create an inclusive, diverse, and life-changing experience; not only for the athletes but for everyone involved. Together, with your help during this camp, we can gather, adjust, prepare and sustain the future of disability and inclusive sport. 

More about the TEAM running GAPS 

GAPS has been forging strong partnerships and collaborations worldwide. The project is proudly collaborating with: 

  • Griffith University, Australia 
  • University of Birmingham, UK 
  • Western University, Canada 
  • Stellenbosch University, South Africa 

Our efforts are supported by: 

  • Commonwealth Sport Foundation 
  • UK Sport 
  • PacificAus Sports 

What Will I Do?  

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to champion for diversity of ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, and women in the sporting space. Here are some of the jobs you may undertake:  

Healthcare Clinician Volunteers  Students Volunteers General/Staff Volunteers 
-Health Education and Promotion -Injury Support – Pressure sores management  – Data collection and Research -Collaborating with Other Healthcare Professionals -Medical Screening, Triage and Assessment of:  * Anti-doping regulations and protocols * undiagnosed cardiovascular conditions * secondary health complications * Bowel and bladder dysfunction    You can contribute in various ways while gaining valuable experience in your field, tasks may include:  -Assist in Medical Screening, Triage and Assessment  -Injury prevention and Warm-up assistance -First Aid and Emergency Response -Assistance with Adaptive Equipment -Health Education and Promotion -Support for Rehabilitation and Recovery -Data collection and Research You will provide essential support service and create a positive experience of inclusivity and celebration. Here are some tasks you may undertake:  Event setup and breakdown -Registration and Check-in -Assistance for participants -Support for officials -Hospitality service -Information booths and Help Desks 

What kind of volunteers are we looking for?  

Clinicians  Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists Sport Coaches Sports Medicine Physicians  Medics Sports Dietitians Nutritionists Psychologists  Sports Psychiatrists Anti-Doping Officials  Any other healthcare HEROES! Students currently studying at BSc or Msc level  Physiotherapy Sports Coaching  Sport and Exercise Science Occupational Therapy  Medicine  Sport Medicine  Psychology Nutrition & Dietetics Psychology  

If you don’t fall into any of these titles, please don’t be discouraged. Everyone will be allocated to jobs that are suitable for them.  

Benefits for Volunteers: 

  • Gain invaluable work experience working with para-athletes and their coaches 
  • Make a positive difference to people’s lives  
  • Front-row seat to witness incredible athletic performances 
  • Meet new people from a range of backgrounds 
  • Professional Development and Networking 
  • Free T-shirt and refreshments provided 

When & where: 

-8th – 18th June 2024 

-University of Birmingham campus 

Time Commitment: 

Flexible hours available. Join us for a day or the full 10 days! 

How to sign up 

Click HERE to fill out this SURVEY for your interest.

Contact us 

or any questions or to express interest contact Katie Cronin at 

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  1. I would like to volunteer on this camp.
    I am a physiotherapy assistant working with children from birth to 19. (Neuro Physiotherapy)
    Starting my Physiotherapy degree in September
    I have come from a sporting background and I also hold L3 qualifications in gym instructing and personal training and I am a L2 Swimming teacher. I also used to have my own special needs swimming groups that I entered in special needs competitions.

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