Collaborative coach development at British Rowing

By Dr Paul Garner What a privilege it was to spend the day at the Redgrave and Pinsent Lakes in Caversham with British Rowing earlier in January. Having been invited by Head of Education and Training, Sarah Harris to attend the launch day of their brave new coach development initiative, as a critical friend, it was … Continue reading “Collaborative coach development at British Rowing”

People make progress and teamwork makes the dream work

By Professor Barry Drust The of end another calendar year. I guess there is no other topic for a post at this time than reflecting on the previous months and trying to make sense of some of my thoughts on progress that we are making with the GSSPP. Reflection is something that is frequently talked about but something that is not always done by people in a … Continue reading “People make progress and teamwork makes the dream work”

Initial feelings after transitioning from a PhD student to also being a full-time member of staff 

By Dean Morgan (PhD Candidate) Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash  They say timing can be everything when making a decision, and in this case, I certainly believe that to be true. When my new position became available, the conversations were on whether it was possible to juggle a PhD, a full-time job as … Continue reading “Initial feelings after transitioning from a PhD student to also being a full-time member of staff “

Preparing For That Chile Heat!  

By David Sheldon In preparation for the 2023 FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup in Santiago, Chile in December, where temperatures regularly exceed 30oC, EDCAP Scholar and goalkeeper Evie Wood has been following a heat acclimation protocol. The protocol was carefully drawn up and supervised by exercise physiologists Dave Sheldon and Dan Lothian, as part … Continue reading “Preparing For That Chile Heat!  “

Some recent reflections on Doctoral training: Practicing what you preach

By Professor Barry Drust I have been involved in the organisation and delivery of doctoral research programmes since 2016. This approach to doctoral training is all about trying to broaden participation in doctoral education. The key is to try and find ways to better engage professionals within sport and exercise and allied professions to develop … Continue reading “Some recent reflections on Doctoral training: Practicing what you preach”

Knowledge Versus Know-how 

By Dr Jamie Pringle The professional, vocational, or transferable skills are the make and break of practitioners, coaches, and leaders in performance sport – think communication, teamwork, leadership, as well character and behaviours. University mostly does a decent job of educating students from a technical perspective – they typically know their chops – but often … Continue reading “Knowledge Versus Know-how “

Supervising applied doctorate students: an individualised approach 

By Dr Liam Anderson Photo Credit: Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash  Doctorate level supervision is a highly rewarding task where you interact and work with some outstanding people on some highly engaging projects. Over the past 18 months or so, I’ve began supervising doctorate level students on either Professional Doctorates or applied PhD’s here within the … Continue reading “Supervising applied doctorate students: an individualised approach “

Cracking the Code: Navigating the World of Sports Feedback 

By Jamie Kyte So, as part of my role at the University, it also involves starting a Professional Doctorate—here’s to new beginnings and exciting times ahead, with lots of coffee needed.   Photo credit: Unseen Studio on Unsplash The primary goal of my research, conducted through my applied performance analysis work at the University, is to … Continue reading “Cracking the Code: Navigating the World of Sports Feedback “

Performance Monitoring is Introduced at The University of Birmingham 

By Daniel Lothian The Graduate School of Sport and Professional Practice (GSSPP) and The University of Birmingham have invested in a full athlete-monitoring GPS system, provided by leaders in the field Catapult Sports, to use for student development, provide further performance support to our flagship sports and undertake applied research. The GPS units themselves will … Continue reading “Performance Monitoring is Introduced at The University of Birmingham “

Being Human: A Team Sport 

By Katie Cronin The significance of fulfilling relationships in our professional lives is often overlooked despite the notion that connectedness with colleagues is closely linked to success at work and job satisfaction.  Baumeister and Leary’s ‘Need to Belong’ theory posits that the desire for belongingness is a fundamental driver for most human behaviours, including the … Continue reading “Being Human: A Team Sport “