A case for the language of person-centredness  

By Dr Paul Garner As suggested by Dr Tom Brownlee in his October post, much of our work in the GSSPP looks to develop and enhance what it takes for practitioners/students to thrive in applied settings, looking beyond their discipline specific knowledge to the skills required to navigate new environments and build effective relationships with … Continue reading “A case for the language of person-centredness  “

Interdisciplinary specialist support, who are we helping?  

By Dr Paul Garner Creator: David de la Iglesia Villar Technology driven, scientific support is widespread in professional sport. In fact, one might argue it is so prevalent that those involved in raising standards feel obliged to follow the trend of employing multiple specialists, adopting the latest software and drawing upon statistics to support decisions. Failing … Continue reading “Interdisciplinary specialist support, who are we helping?  “

Operationalising Thoughtful Practice 

Written by Dr Paul Garner The Graduate School of Sport and Professional Practice has a number of functions from supervising and supporting postgraduate research, to working with external agencies, to consulting on applied interventions and supporting performance enhancement within University of Birmingham Sport. Our work draws upon an eclectic range of expertise, both academic and … Continue reading “Operationalising Thoughtful Practice “