Guruism or expertise? 

By Dr Paul Garner Photo by Nejc Soklič on Unsplash Referring to Dr Liam Anderson’s post on doctoral supervision, I’d like to write a few words on how I see our continual aspiration to generate greater levels of quality in our practice within the GSSPP. This is important as we seek to support the students with whom we … Continue reading “Guruism or expertise? “

People make progress and teamwork makes the dream work

By Professor Barry Drust The of end another calendar year. I guess there is no other topic for a post at this time than reflecting on the previous months and trying to make sense of some of my thoughts on progress that we are making with the GSSPP. Reflection is something that is frequently talked about but something that is not always done by people in a … Continue reading “People make progress and teamwork makes the dream work”

Some recent reflections on Doctoral training: Practicing what you preach

By Professor Barry Drust I have been involved in the organisation and delivery of doctoral research programmes since 2016. This approach to doctoral training is all about trying to broaden participation in doctoral education. The key is to try and find ways to better engage professionals within sport and exercise and allied professions to develop … Continue reading “Some recent reflections on Doctoral training: Practicing what you preach”

Interdisciplinary specialist support, who are we helping?  

By Dr Paul Garner Creator: David de la Iglesia Villar Technology driven, scientific support is widespread in professional sport. In fact, one might argue it is so prevalent that those involved in raising standards feel obliged to follow the trend of employing multiple specialists, adopting the latest software and drawing upon statistics to support decisions. Failing … Continue reading “Interdisciplinary specialist support, who are we helping?  “

Operationalising Thoughtful Practice 

Written by Dr Paul Garner The Graduate School of Sport and Professional Practice has a number of functions from supervising and supporting postgraduate research, to working with external agencies, to consulting on applied interventions and supporting performance enhancement within University of Birmingham Sport. Our work draws upon an eclectic range of expertise, both academic and … Continue reading “Operationalising Thoughtful Practice “