HEU to host two events at November’s Festival of Social Science: Booking now available!

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What’s it worth? The value of our local spaces for our health and wellbeing

The team of the Centre for Economics of Obesity is hosting a Festival of Social Science event on 5 November 2022. The event aims to understand which environmental factors are enablers or barriers to being physically active. Participants will be encouraged to consider how our natural spaces could be improved to promote higher levels of physical activity. The focus will be on the things we can control and understand and what we value most. This promises to be a fun, engaging and thought-provoking event highlighting the limited public resources available and the importance of efficient and equitable spending decisions that improve health and wellbeing.

The event will take place at The Exchange, 3 Centenary Square Birmingham, from 10am-12pm on Saturday 5 November 2022. Anyone is welcome to attend and light refreshments will be provided. Free registration is required via the link below:  


What is community wellbeing? An interactive map-making session for all ages and abilities

Rebecca Johnson of the Health Economics Unit and Centre for Urban Wellbeing is hosting a Festival of Social Science event on 13 November 2022. The Festival theme is ‘my local area’ and this event aims to find out more about what local people think of their own community wellbeing. The event will invite individuals, families, younger and older people to contribute their ideas, imagery, photos, drawings, and recordings to a giant community wellbeing map, to identify and place (virtually or physically) these important ideas, objects, transactions and activities which together reflect community wellbeing. It is an open, drop-in session – so anyone in the local area can just drop by and participate. Centre for Urban Wellbeing members will be on hand to talk with community members and facilitate reflection on defining and describing community wellbeing through questions like: What does wellbeing mean in your community? Who’s involved in creating wellbeing where you live? What does it look like, for you? What are the most important resources you have that help wellbeing grow in your community?

The event is at the Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, from 10am-4pm on Sunday 13 November 2022.


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