Student Mobile App Competition 2013-2014 Winners Announced

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After a few month’s hard work, final participants were selected to demo their prototypes to a group of judging panels from industry and academics  on Wednesday 26th March 2014. The judges were exciting and interesting to see so many new ideas and prototypes.  And the winners of the Student Mobile App Competition 2013-2014 are:

Competition Winner & Winner of the Public Favorite App: Explore app developed by Hayden Mills from Computer Science; Explore app is an application to provide information to the students about the University campus such as a campus map, guided routes, points of interest, a prospectus and accommodation guide. It supports voice recognition and works in 4 main languages including English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Hayden is awarded with IBM Placement offer , Kindle tablet, Amazon Voucher and Certificate.

Competition Winner: Uni-Ticket app developed by Joshua Wood from Maths; Uni-Ticket is a mobile app that allows students to buy and sell unwanted tickets for nights out. Joshua is awarded with Deutsche bank placement offer, Kindle tablet and certificate.

Competition Winner: Bookonnector app developed by Yousef Amar from EECE, Nandini Morgaria from Accounting and Finance, Zeeshan Ahmad from Physics, Sahil Kunder from Economics, and Jesus Toscano Physics; This app to help students at the University of Birmingham to buy and sell second hand books. The app acts as a medium to help students find appropriate books related to their course. And they were awarded with ITIC placement offer, kindle tablet and certificate.

Runner-up: Applicant app developed by Theophilus Wait from Law and Ashley Robertson from Computer Science; for prospective students, this app acts as a market analysis tool, where universities are the market. Various parameters and information are displayed to the prospective student, in order to aid the student with selecting a university, as well as aiding the student to organise information.

Runner-up: Mailssenger app developed by Han Jiang from Computer Science; this app combines a mail client and instant message, which is particularly useful for students in China where western social media channels are difficult to access. Han Jiang is awarded with Kindle tablet and certificate.

Runner-up: Exam organiser app developed by Samuel Kendell from Computer Science; this app helps students organise their time more effectively around the exam period. Samuel is awarded with Kindle tablet and certificate.

Commendation: Mathlete app developed by Luke Sambrooks from Computer Science; this app is a mental training tool for Mathematics students. Luke is awarded with Amazon voucher and certificate.

Commendation: Allergi Sense app developed by Luis Hernandez-Munoz from EECE; this app is to support the management of life-threatening anaphylactic allergies. Luis is awarded with Amazon voucher and certificate.

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