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Birmingham Law School Research Blog celebrates 100 contributions

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Professor Alexander Orakhelashvili

As it happens, earlier this week the number of contributions posted on our Blog have reached 100. The blog has been established little less than two and half years ago, in September 2021, and has since then provided a platform for our ever-growing community of academic colleagues and postgraduate researchers at Birmingham Law School to engage or comment on various developments in their research areas, or to increase public awareness of what they do. So far, the Blog saw contributions from about 45 academic colleagues and postgraduate researchers in various areas, such as environmental law, health care law, human rights law, commercial law, international law, criminal law and justice, counterterrorism, artificial intelligence, EU law, intellectual property, and several other areas, all of them witnessing the wealth of research activities ongoing in the School. Apart from contributors, the blog’s success has also been ensured by those who do significant work behind the scenes, by carefully and patiently reading every draft contribution and commenting on them. This applies to my brilliant co-editors, currently Dr Gavin Byrne, as well as Dr Alan Greene and Dr Jason Haynes in the past. The relevant College of Arts and Law staff have also been providing much-needed technical support to the Blog. It is this combined effort that has ensured the Blog’s success, and it is a success that belongs to everyone involved.

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