The (Economic) Magic of Place-Based Policy for Communities in Driving Outcomes

Dr Abigail Taylor and Dr Anita Soni highlight the significant academic benefits Sure Start centres had on disadvantaged children living nearby before the 2010 policy shifts away from localised early years support. As policymakers consider new family support initiatives like Family Hubs, informed community involvement and a focus on marginalized families remain crucial for ensuring … Continue reading “The (Economic) Magic of Place-Based Policy for Communities in Driving Outcomes”

Introducing the LPIP Hub Research Programme

The Local Policy Innovation Partnership (LPIP) project launch took place on Tuesday 27 February 2024. Over the next three years, the LPIP Strategic Coordination Hub will work with Local Policy Innovation Partnerships (LPIPs) to understand and solve local challenges around the UK through an innovative service-driven approach to place-based policymaking and public service delivery. The … Continue reading “Introducing the LPIP Hub Research Programme”