The Next Cold War has Already Begun – In Cyberspace

Conor Deane-McKenna, is a Doctoral Researcher in Cyberwarfare at the University of Birmingham. The world is fighting a hidden war thanks to a massive shift in the technologies countries can use to attack each other. Much like the Cold War, the conflict is being fought indirectly rather than through open declarations of hostility. It has … Continue reading “The Next Cold War has Already Begun – In Cyberspace”

Protectionist parties and antidumping in the US

This week Tommaso Aquilante, a lecturer in Managerial Economics at the Birmingham Business School an issue which is likely to be of increasing importance in inter-country relationships. The full article is available as a pdf, published by the Birmingham Business School. So what is antidumping? Antidumping (AD) is the most popular import restriction among industrialised … Continue reading “Protectionist parties and antidumping in the US”