Parliamentary Select Committees: Are elected chairs the key to their success?

Dr Mark Goodwin, Univeristy of Birmingham, Dr Stephen Bates, University of Birmingham, and Professor Steve McKay, University of Lincoln, explore the role of elected chairs in parliamentary Select Committees. In the past two months, two of Britain’s richest men have been forced by Parliament to admit to, and apologise for, serious failings in their business … Continue reading “Parliamentary Select Committees: Are elected chairs the key to their success?”

Neoliberalism and its Forgotten Alternative

Criticisms of neoliberalism are proliferating, not just within the political and academic left, but within mainstream public opinion as well. Everywhere, people are beginning to seriously doubt whether markets will be able to produce another extended period of sustained growth, or whether they will solve the world’s current problems or merely exacerbate them. Liberal economists … Continue reading “Neoliberalism and its Forgotten Alternative”

Euro 2012 and the UK’s ‘Semi-boycott’

This post first appeared on e-International Relations England’s (not such a) shock-defeat to Italy may still be raw in the nation’s collective consciousness, but hey, look on the bright side: at least the government can stop agonising over whether ministers should attend the final. POLSIS’ Jonathan Grix explores the curious case of the UK semi-boycott … Continue reading “Euro 2012 and the UK’s ‘Semi-boycott’”

The re-politicisation of abortion in the UK

Recent attacks on abortion provision are part of a broader strategy aimed at eroding abortion rights, writes POLSIS PhD candidate Fran Amery. In recent months, abortion has once again become a hot topic in British politics and in the media. In September last year, MPs debated a proposed amendment to the Health and Social Care … Continue reading “The re-politicisation of abortion in the UK”

The Politics of Protest: Students’ perspectives

Following the fallout from recent occupational protests at the University of Birmingham, the air on campus has been thick with talk surrounding the right to protest and the efficacy of this political tool in redressing student grievances. Here, POLSIS students Rachel Armitage (1st Year BA Political Science), Fern Tomlinson (3rd Year B.A. Political Science ) … Continue reading “The Politics of Protest: Students’ perspectives”

The Roller Coaster Ride to the White House

Earlier this year, Dr Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto, a Fellow at the Center for Politics and Governance at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, came to POLSIS to discuss some of the dynamics surrounding this year’s presidential election in the United States. Here is an excerpt of what … Continue reading “The Roller Coaster Ride to the White House”