Obama v Putin as G20 meets in Syria’s shadow

In a discussion published in The Conversation , Dr Adam Quinn, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, examines the politics surrounding Syria during the G20 negotiations. The G20 begins today and whether this is the best or the worst of times depends on how important one considers Syria to be. Because the manoeuvring and diplomacy surrounding the increasingly vicious … Continue reading “Obama v Putin as G20 meets in Syria’s shadow”

R2P: Implications for World Order (Part 1)

The West’s intervention in Libya and the on-going violence in Syria have placed a renewed spotlight on the principle of the responsibility to protect (R2P) human life. In this first post of a two part series, Dr Edward Newman argues that far from emerging into an new international ‘norm’, R2P is exposing fissures in a changing … Continue reading “R2P: Implications for World Order (Part 1)”