Renewing political speech and speechwriting

In an age of media soundbites and Twitter rants, of public distrust and alternative facts, have we forgotten how to have a constructive political debate? Has it become all too easy to slip into sectarian assertions and trading insults, rather than using evidence and well-reasoned arguments to persuade? In short, does our politics suffer from … Continue reading “Renewing political speech and speechwriting”

West Midlands experts call for policy changes to address the homelessness crisis

At least 726 homeless people died in Britain last year, according to new figures released by the ONS. If you’re a homeless person, your average life expectancy is just 44 years old. In England alone, the number of rough sleepers has increased by 165% since 2010. Whichever way you look at it, the statistics around … Continue reading “West Midlands experts call for policy changes to address the homelessness crisis”

The University of Birmingham at the 2019 party conferences

This year we’re delighted to be hosting a fringe event on diversity in business at the Labour and Conservative party conferences. Black and ethnic minority businesses make important contributions to the UK economy, contributing an estimated £25-32 billion per year and helping to regenerate declining sectors and places. These businesses act as catalysts for multinational trading … Continue reading “The University of Birmingham at the 2019 party conferences”

What academics really think about policy engagement

In May 2018 I began a parliamentary academic fellowship with the House of Commons Select Committee on International Development. This committee, like many others, hears mainly from a small group of universities, mainly in London and the South East, and wanted to know how to engage a wider range of academic expertise across the country.  … Continue reading “What academics really think about policy engagement”

Supporting evidence-based policy making

Welcome to Policy Birmingham, a blog from the Public Affairs team at the University of Birmingham about research impact and topical issues in public policy. It’s hardly controversial to believe that evidence should play an important role in policy making. While political factors will always be important, we all want our policy makers to make … Continue reading “Supporting evidence-based policy making”