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Learning resourcesWe’ve created a series of digital resources to help you learn how to influence public policy. Influencing public policy is one of the ways you can demonstrate the impact of your research, whatever stage you are at in your academic career.

How academics can work with politicians to influence policy

Professor Paul Burstow, a former health minister and member of parliament, talks about the role of research in policy making. He also shares his advice on meeting with politicians, preparing briefing notes and developing relationships with policy makers.

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How to write a policy briefing note

Briefing notes are a useful tool when it comes to working with policy makers, such as MPs or civil servants. But what makes a good one? In this short tutorial, we’ll look at how to get the structure and tone of your briefing note just right.

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How to respond to a select committee inquiry

Submitting written evidence to a parliamentary select committee is a great way for academics to contribute to policy debates. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to write an effective response to a select committee inquiry.

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How to influence legislation 

In this short tutorial, we’ll look at how new laws start life and pass through Parliament.

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Author: Jeremy Swan, Public Affairs Manager (Policy Impact)

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