Upcoming event: expert seminar with Prof. Susanne Krasmann, applications deadline 21st of June

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Following our successful expert seminar with Prof. Em. Nina Lykke last month, the UrbTerr project team has invited Professor Susanne Krasmann (Professor of Sociology at the Institute for Criminological Research, University of Hamburg & UrbTerr advisory panel member) for a project-related expert seminar on her current work on architecture in the anthropocene and ‘situational awareness’.

Professor Krasmann is an expert on critical theory and (non)human agency and vulnerability. Her research interests transcend disciplinary boundaries and thematic fields. They include legal theory, power and truth, security, violence, secrecy and exposure, drones, and architecture.

This session with Professor Krasmann will use two recent articles (“Architecture in the Anthropocene: The Notre-Dame de Paris Fire and the ‘Force’ of ‘Culture’” and “‘Situational awareness’: Rethinking security in times of urban terrorism”) as a starting point for a discussion of the (im)materiality of violence in the anthropocene and contemporary security regimes.

 Susanne Krasmann is Professor of Sociology at the Institute for Criminological Research, Hamburg University. Her research is inspired by poststructuralist perspectives (governmentality, affect) and centres on Dispositifs of Security, Law and its Knowledge, Architecture in the Anthropocene, the Future of Algorithms. She is co-editor of Governmentality: Current Issues and Future Challenges (Routledge, 2011) and The Desire for Truth and the Political, Special Issue of Behemoth. A Journal on Civilisation (2018). She has published in international journals like Cultural Studies, Foucault Studies, Leiden Journal of International Law, Policing & Society, Punishment & Society, Security Dialogue, Surveillance & Society, Theoretical Criminology. Among others, she was Fellow of the Straus Institute, New York University School of Law. More information about Professor Susanne Krasmann and her work can be found on her University website.

If you are interested in some of the above themes and would like to join this virtual expert seminar on Zoom on 25 June, 2021 (15-17hrs GMT), then please send a short motivational statement (250 words max) to e.m.l.geerts@bham.ac.uk and k.karcher@bham.ac.uk. We are able to host 5 extra participants and will do so on a first come, first served basis while also taking the applicants’ research projects and interests into account. The application deadline is 21 June.


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