Remembering/Imagining Terror in Europe: Programme and Registration

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We are excited to share below the programme for our upcoming second conference, Remembering/Imagining Terror in Europe, which will take place at the University of Birmingham from the 14th to the 16th of September 2022.

Join this conference online (for free) by registering here!

Remembering/Imagining Terror in Europe

14-16 September 2022
University of Birmingham


14 September 2022

13:30-13:45Welcome and presentation of the project Urban Terrorism in Europe (2004-19): Remembering, Imagining, and Anticipating Violence
13:45-15:00KeynoteThe Future of the Dead: Avenues of Reconciliation in PostETA Euskadi
Dr Annabel Martin, Dartmouth College, (USA)
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:30Panel I (Chair: Prof Txetxu Aguado, Dartmouth College)

Contested memories, autoethnography, and (critical) understandings of violent pasts: Memoria osoa and The Memorial Centre for the Victims of Terrorism in Vitoria-Gasteiz
Dr Itoitz R. Jusue, Loughborough University, (UK)
Terrorist trials under literary scrutiny: literature as counterterrorist response
Prof Ingvild FolkvordNorwegian University of Science and Technology, (Norway)
The Enemy is Within? Media Representations of the IRA Bombing Campaign in Britain
Dr Roseanna Doughty, Independent scholar
16:50-17:40Panel II (Chair: Dr Carlos Yebra, University College London)
Memory as ‘temporal loop’ in the War on Terror: Using the Past to Secure the Future
Prof Charlotte Heath-Kelly & Dr Tom PettingerUniversity of Warwick
Self-understanding and governing of a generation shaped by constant terrorist threats
June TomiakActivist, researcher & politician
18:30-19:30Presentation: Suspect Objects, Suspect Subjects
Faisal Hussain, Creative Producer and Artist
Room: MUIR-420 (University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus)

15 September 2022

09:00-10:15KeynoteEuropean Cities Facing Terrorism: From Social Responses to Memory, and vice versa
Dr Gérôme Truc, French National Centre for Scientific Research, (France)
10:15-10:45Coffee break
10:45-11:45Panel III (Chair: Dr Rita Floyd, University of Birmingham)
Ethics of care in collecting spontaneous memorials after terrorist attacks
Dr Kostas Arvanitis, University of Manchester, (UK)
From one vertigo to another. Spatial experiments linked to the attack of 14 July 2016 (Nice)
Dr Frédéric Vinot, Côte d’Azur University, (France)

Shores of Grief: Intersections in remembrance and narrative
Yordanka Dimcheva, University of Birmingham, (UK)
12:05-13:00Panel IV (Chair: Dr Ahmad Barakat, University of Birmingham)

‘Irruptions’ & the 22/3 Memorial’s more-than-humanness: Post-philosophical explorations (Virtual paper)
Dr. Evelien Geerts, University of Birmingham, (UK)
Hanau/Main – Topography of Immigration, Taboo, and Terror, and Lieu de Mémoire
Dr Karin Yeșilada, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, (Germany)
13:00-14:00Lunch break
14:00-15:10Presentation (Virtual Session): Racist terror attack in Hanau: A counter-forensic investigation
Dimitra Andritsou, Forensic Architecture
15:10-15:40Coffee break
15:40-17:00Presentation: Knowing, Feeling, and Imagining (Counter)terrorism: The Power of Art
Dr Katharina Karcher, PI on the ERC project ‘Urban Terrorism in Europe (2004-19): Remembering, Imagining, and Anticipating Violence 
18:30Conference dinner

16 September 2022

09:00-10:15Keynote (Virtual Session):The emperor of all maladies, the king of terrors’: Epistemologies of ignorance and the Anthropo-not-seen of the ‘war against cancer’
Prof Nina Lykke, Linköping University, (Sweden)
10:15-10:45Coffee break
10:45-12:30Panel V   (Chair: Dr Steve Hewitt, University of Birmingham)

Embodying National (In)security: The Affective Politics of Localization Drives after Terrorism
Dr Tom PettingerUniversity of Warwick
Analyzing European Political (Elite’s) Discourse on Terrorism and Implications for Counter Terrorism Strategy (Virtual Session)
Maheen Farhat Raza, National Defence University (Islamabad, Pakistan)


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