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11 October, 5-7pm, Cadbury Research Library: Launch of Rebecca Whitely, Birth Figures: Early Modern Prints and the Pregnant Body. A brief introduction to the book and conversation between Rebecca and Dr Elizabeth L’Estrange will be followed by a chance to examine some early modern midwifery books held in the collections of the Cadbury Research Library. At 6pm we will move upstairs to the Foyer of the Muirhead Tower for a glass of wine. This event is primarily sponsored by our sister Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies; if you would like to attend please let them know here:

10 November and 17 November, 3-4pm, Fage Seminar Room (Arts 250): Reading group on Penelope Corfield, The Georgians: The Deeds and Misdeeds of 18th-Century Britain. According to our traditions, all are welcome to take part in a reading group across two sessions: the first for general preliminary discussion, and the second which will feature some brief formal comments on the book, and a response and comment from the author herself. Attendance at both is encouraged but not required, as is reading the book in advance. All are welcome, but do please let me know by email if you plan to come.

22 November, 1-3pm, Fage Seminar Room (Arts 250): “Social and Cultural History: The Contribution of British Eighteenth-Century History to Historical Practice,” with Professor Margot Finn (UCL), Dr Sarah Fox, Professor Sasha Handley (Manchester), Professor Karen Harvey, Dr Ben Jackson, Dr Kate Smith, and Dr Emily Vine. What is social and cultural history for eighteenth-century British historians and how has this contributed to the discipline more broadly? In this roundtable event, that question will form the starting-point for a wide-ranging conversation on eighteenth-century British historiography and its impacts on social and cultural history. The panel will address the changing nature of social and cultural British history of the eighteenth century and assess the prospects for its future. Hybrid Zoom attendance will be available for this event (which is sponsored by the Birmingham Research Institute for History and Cultures): please register here if you’d like to attend virtually. Please let me know by email if you plan to come in person.

24 November, 10am-6pm, Danford Room (Arts 224): “Knowledge, Energy, and Industry in the Age of Revolution,” an all-day workshop of conversations about recent approaches to the industrial revolution and its relationship to the political revolutions of the era. Alongside short papers on cutting edge work, one session of the workshop will be devoted to Maxine Berg and Pat Hudson’s recent book, Slavery, Capitalism, and the Industrial Revolution. Participants will include scholars travelling from Oslo, Barcelona, Lancaster, and Newcastle as well as colleagues closer to home. This workshop is part of the AHRC networking project “Reframing the Age of Revolutions,” and refreshments will be provided, including a dinner after formal sessions close. If you would like to attend and take part in the workshop, please contact me directly.

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