Information about the Photo-Elicitation Interview

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If you have taken part in the Narrative Interview, you will be asked to consider taking part in this follow up photo-elicitation interview. 

What is Photo-elicitation Interview?

Photo-elicitation is a method of interview that uses images to elicit information and improve researcher’s understanding of people’s experiences, feelings and attitudes.

What will happen?

Once you have told me your story in the narrative interview, I will ask you to meet me again in approximately two weeks or whenever is convenient for you. I will ask you to prepare some photographs you may already have/or take some photographs that you think will help me understand your experiences of mental health better. You should only choose to share photographs with me that you are comfortable with sharing. I will give you some guidance and ideas of what photographs you may wish to consider.

What happens to the photographs?

  • You can choose to show these photographs to me only. This means that we will talk about them during an interview that will be audio-recorded and that’s it.
  • You can choose to allow me to take copies of your photographs for me to use in my thesis or publications or conference talks. We will have a conversation about the different ways in which photographs may be used and you will have a complete freedom in deciding what you allow me to do and what you do not allow me to do. 

Can I have more information about this?

Of course, please contact me if you wish to take part or need more information.