Facebook is like friends re-united

Digital technologies have largely changed the way students interact and learn. For example, the chalk board is in the past and we have said bye bye to 3-ring binders. Yet the pace of technological change is unprecedented and the expectations for institutions and staff to learn, change and adapt, and be more dynamic are enormous. … Continue reading “Facebook is like friends re-united”

Developing a “Research-Active” Curriculum

It is clear that a research-intensive university should be structured and organised around a strong emphasis on developing a “research-active” curriculum that socialises students into inquiry-based learning from day one. By 2026, students’ successful transition from university to professional life will require the ability to resolve problems in an analytic manner, to evaluate evidence and … Continue reading “Developing a “Research-Active” Curriculum”

Online and eLearning platforms

Post received from Roohi… I recently saw my 11-year-old nephew (Year 7) whilst visiting relatives. When I walked into the living room, he was on his mobile phone, had his laptop open, and also had an iPad next to the laptop. I said to him “your Daddy told me that you are supposed to be … Continue reading “Online and eLearning platforms”