What Can Investigating a Coup in Togo Tell Us about the Cold War and West German Foreign Policy?

Researching a coup in Togo in the 1960s didn’t just give UG Researcher Thomas Hedges the chance to learn about Cold War international relations, but also gave him the opportunity to put his translation skills to work.

World Literature in Modern Languages: The Fiction of Lusophone African Countries and the Case for Portuguese

‘There are always more attitudes that can be changed’ – Modern Languages student Natalie gains an insight into not only world literature but also into the world of academic research.

Researching Missionary Photography in Cadbury Research Library

In another post from the archives, Charlotte McKnight describes her work with History’s Simone Laqua-O’Donnell and Ivana Frlan from the Cadbury Research Library to identify photography of children in missions (particularly the children of missionaries) – and medical photographs in the Church Missionary Society Archive which is held at the Cadbury Research Library.

Phosphate Mining in North Africa – an Undergraduate Research Project

To celebrate the launch of the UG Research Scholarship scheme 2018, we’ve looked through the archives to showcase some more great student research. Here, History student Joanna Ballaster reflects on her 2016 project researching phosphate mining in North Africa.